Our moving and storage solutions provide you with a wide range of services, beginning from packaging your items and ending at their safe delivery. We also provide customized services according to the requirements and complexities put in front of us by you, our customers.

Glimpses of our detailed services –

  • We are completely responsible for all your packing
  • All packing materials are compulsorily in either new or sound condition
  • Under no circumstances are soiled, wet or damp materials be used for packing or padding,
  • All items are wrapped to protect them from rubbing, moving and sliding around when loaded in to cars, trucks etc
  • All nuts, bolts, screws, small hardware, and other fasteners removed from articles by the carrier in the preparation for shipment will be placed in a box or bag,
  • Legs or other articles removed from furniture are properly wrapped, bundled together and identified
  • Mirrors, pictures and paintings, glass or stone table tops, and similar fragile items are wrapped and packed in a crate or- fiberboard carton. When more than one article is packed in any crate or car-ton, a divider is provided.
  • Our crew is obligated to inspect all pre-packed goods to confirm their contents and condition
  • Our crew will disassemble the items which in their judgment requires disassembly to ensure safe delivery

We are the approved moving and storage service provider for the Defense Department

We provide superior solutions in logistics, freight transportation and warehousing

We provide services for federal, state, national and local agencies as well

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